Charity – German Aid for Children in Afghanistan

Way back in the day I did some charity work for people in Rumania – in the time right after the regime was ended – there was a big need of help. We collected cloth, food, furniture medicine and money, then packed them on vans and drove right to little villages in Rumania to give the goods to the people in need. That was very fulfilling at the time – but to be really honest I did it as much for the adventure – and an adventure it was – as I did it to help the people. But being there and celebrate Easter with a crowd of really happy children was the best.

That time is kind of long gone and the third trip we did I didn’t have the same feeling like at the first – the economy picked up and I felt a little betrayed. Stupid but that was the case. We didn’t go there anymore.

The charity I want to mention here is the German Aid for Children in Afghanistan. The guys there do a great job in helping the children that really live in poor environments to get food, cloth and education. If you ever wonder where to donate some money – giving it to them is a very good option. I really like what they do and I have a problem with the big ass charity organizations where I fear that 50% of the money I donate goes waste for bureaucracy. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s what I think.